Southern Chemicals Limited (SO-CHEM) has been in existence for over thirty (30) years. We have been developing and marketing Industrial Chemicals in the Oil and Gas Industry since inception. Our Technology base is both local and International, our product lines backed by experts meets and surpass the most stringent test applicable to the needs of the industry. So-Chem also provides all back-up services for the products we supply whether physically or remotely.

SO-CHEM provides a very wide range of Oilfield Treating Chemicals- i.e. Demulsifiers, Reverse Demulsifiers/ Water Clarifiers, Paraffin Inhibitors, Paraffin Dispersants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Viscosity Reducers, H2S Scavenger, Biocides and Oxygen Scavengers. SDS and Product Data sheets for all products are available upon request and all our chemicals have the approval of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Based Industries.


SO-CHEM supplies the highest quality of demulsifiers in the industry. 

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion is no problem for SO-CHEM as our inhibitors perform efficiently.

Crystal Modifiers

SO-CHEM’s Crystal Modifiers are of the highest quality.

Paraffin Solvents

Our paraffin solvents are superior to all others. 

Why Choose Us

Over the Thirty (30) years of our existence, SO-CHEM has developed and marketed chemicals using both local and foreign materials and local expertise to meet and surpass the most stringent test applicable to the needs of oil producers in the industry. The accompanying service is second to none.

Safe & Reliable

Our products are created by expert suppliers and are safe and reliable to use.

24x7 Support

With the purchase or our products, our technicians provide 24/7 support.


Our chemical products are of the highest quality and are extremely efficient.