Southern Chemicals Ltd.

About Us

Southern Chemicals LTD, (So-Chem) provides technical expertise and superior local service to customers, through cost-effective applications of customized specialty chemicals. Serving the energy market, So-Chem offers oilfield products, gas well treatments and pipeline solutions designed to enhance production. So-Chem's values-based approach to people and customer satisfaction, along with the relentless pursuit of the mission statement, make us the supplier-of-choice where we operate. So-Chem supports the local energy industry with a firm understanding that success is achieved by exceeding expectations with our partners, in our communities and in collaboration with our employees. The high level of oilfield activity required to meet energy demand creates new challenges for leading oil and gas companies. So-Chem leverages its comprehensive portfolio of products and leading-edge application techniques to meet the chemical challenges associated with production, processing and transportation of oil and gas creating solutions that drive results.

Providing solutions is our GOAL.

Southern chemicals Ltd was formed in July 1988 under the laws of Trinidad & Tobago.
It was the vision of the CEO/Managing Director Mr. Michael Homer who has tremendous experience in the oil-field business. Mr. Homer started his oil-field career in 1978 where he was employed as a production engineer for Amoco Trinidad .He spent 5 years at Amoco where he was promoted and later in charge of oil-production /operations on platforms off-shore the east cost of Trinidad.
In 1983 he then joined the Petrolite Corporation, Tretolite chemicals division. Tretolite is the very first company in the world to develop demulsifiers for oil treatment and has remained the leader in oil-field chemical treatment until it was eventually sold to the Baker Corporation.
Mr. Homer managed this operation for the Trinidad outfit locally for 4 years. He was also responsible for the Barbados account. Under his control he negotiated with all the major oil producers....Texaco, Trinidad Tesoro, Amoco, and Trintoc (the national oil company.)
He was responsible for all production chemicals Demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, paraffin inhibitors biocides etc.

He attended many technical training courses at the Research Facilities of the Petrolite Corporation in St. Louis Missouri, working closely with internationally recognized scientists, who were responsible for the formulation of the tretolite chemicals.
During his stay at Petrolite he worked in Baton Rouge Louisiana, and was seconded to work in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Mr. Homer resigned in 1987 from Petrolite and decided to open and run his own oil-field chemical service company. He operated this company successfully competing against many large International giants such as Tretolite, Nalco, Baker, Tros and Baroid treating chemicals.

His ability to compete against these renowned companies and survive to this day is testament to his knowledge and chemical expertise. He has operated and managed Southern Chemicals LTD for over 25 years.
He now resides in Miami where he continues to run and manage the Trinidad business.